An electroplating fixture

Application number 201610142916. X

Application date 2016. 03. 14

Applicant Zunyi Changzheng Electric Power Equipment Surface Treatment Co., Ltd.

Address 563114, within the 3, 5, 3, and 4 factory, Gaoping Town, Huichuan District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province

Inventor Wang Han

The patent agency Chongqing Qiangqiang Kaichuang Patent Agency Office (General Partnership) 50217

Name of invention An electroplating fixture


This patent relates to the field of material surface electroplating treatment, and in particular to an electroplating fixture, including a base, the upper surface of the base is provided with a first support column, the top of the first support column is provided with a placement platform, the The base is evenly distributed with installation grooves in the circumferential direction, and a first reciprocating mechanism that moves along the radial direction of the base is provided in the placement groove. The first reciprocating mechanism is connected with a second supporting column, and the top of the second supporting column is connected with an arc A fixing block, the upper end of the second support column is connected with a second reciprocating mechanism, and the second reciprocating mechanism is connected with a rectangular fixing block. This patent can clamp various shapes of materials by arranging an arc-shaped clamping block and a rectangular clamping block, which greatly improves the problem of poor versatility of electroplating fixtures currently commonly used.

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