Inhibitor for electroplating copper and its use

Application date 2015. 12. 09

Applicant Shanghai Xinyang Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd. Address 201616, No. 3600, Sixian Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Inventor Wang Su Li Shugang

Patent agency Shanghai Xinhao Patent Agency (General Partnership) 31249

Agent Jia Huiqin

Name of invention

An electric inhibitor for copper plating and its use


The present invention discloses that the present invention provides an inhibitor for copper electroplating and its use. The inhibitor is a polyvinylamine polymer substituted with barbituric acid or its derivatives. The copper electroplating solution prepared by using the inhibitor of the present invention is particularly suitable for filling blind holes of integrated circuit substrates, and can effectively avoid the bump phenomenon of copper plating metal above the holes.

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