Our mission

To make Chinese chemical industry more powerful, let the sky be bluer and water be cleaner.anggroup

Responsibility to customers

——Serve the customers wholeheartedly and help customers to create unique value. Improve our capability of serving customers constantly.

We focus on cultivating our capability of customer service and obeying the core philosophy “cooperate for a longtime, grow together and achieve win-win relationship” by building up a favorable partnership with customers and maintain their interests.ggroup

Responsibility to staffs

——Care for staffs, pay attention to personnel training, help employees to achieve their dreams.

We care about physical and mental health of our employees and provide them chances of annual medical examination, monthly arrange twice outings around Westlake and other sports and competitions. We focus on talent strategy as our key point in the process of enterprise development, attach importance to their cultivation, training and profession promotions. We advocate the policy of competition of promotion and help those who are competent to realizing their dreams as soon as possible. Besides, we encourage employees to extend our business all over the world by going out overseas, then to create brilliant achievements!roup

Responsibility to society

——Provide a great number of employment opportunities.

Recruiting a large number of graduates every year, Ruijiang has been awarded as“excellent training institutions of College students in Hangzhou”.Every year we provide a considerable number of internship positions and employment opportunities for graduates.up

Responsibility to environment

——Highly advocate green chemical R&D, promote sustainable development.

With the purpose of developing green chemical industry, and in order to truly achieving the goal of “Chemical products without pollution”, the R&D center did practice such a logo that our self-developed chemical products which without heavy metals or other harmful ingredients.