How can the hanger material be insoluble and stable in the solution?

It is more difficult to choose the one that is absolutely stable and insoluble in the plating solution, because in addition to this requirement, the strength and conductivity of the rack material must also be considered. Therefore, it is difficult to fully meet the requirements, but corresponding measures can be taken, such as wrapping the part immersed in the plating solution with insulating glue (paint) or polyvinyl chloride plastic tape. This method can protect the hanger material from corrosion. It can also reduce unnecessary consumption of current.

If insulation is temporarily inconvenient, in addition to the hangers used for hard chromium plating, a dense layer of nickel can also be plated first. The nickel layer can be made of copper or copper alloys that chemically react with a variety of plating solutions. The hanger is protected because nickel is relatively stable in most baths. As for the hard chrome plating hanger, nickel plating is not suitable because the hard chrome plating needs to be reverse-plated before plating, otherwise the nickel layer will be dissolved and the hard chrome plating solution will be contaminated.