The principle of hanging the workpiece on the hanger

The suspension method of the workpiece on the hanger depends on the size, shape and process requirements of the workpiece. The general principle is: most of the surface of the workpiece, especially the working surface of the decorative part, should face the anode, or the part where the current cannot be naturally distributed must not face the anode or be seriously covered; secondly, the distribution density between the workpiece and the workpiece should be even , Appropriate to prevent the uneven current distribution from affecting the uniformity of the coating thickness. The distance between the plated part and the plated part should not be less than the cross-sectional dimension of the plated part.

When mounting workpieces with deep recesses and protrusions, avoid scorching of the protruding parts and loss of plating on the concave parts. Therefore, in the selection of the mounting position, avoid the protruding parts facing the anode. If necessary, a shielded cathode must be adopted, and the concave part must have a certain inclination. If necessary, an auxiliary anode or a combination of cathode and anode hanger must be installed to prevent the thickness of the coating at this part from being poor and even the coating cannot be deposited. The phenomenon appeared.

No matter what method is used for hanging, it is necessary to ensure that the gas generated during the electroplating of the workpiece can be smoothly discharged, so as to avoid gas trapping due to this.