what is organotin

Organotin compounds are metal-organic compounds formed by the direct combination of tin and carbon elements. The main uses are: catalysts, stabilizers, agricultural pesticides, bactericides Agents and coatings and antifungal agents for daily necessities. Organotin refers to organic compounds containing carbon-tin compounds, including many different types of compounds, such as organotinate, organotin grease, organotin oxide, organotin pyruvate, etc.

They are usually used as catalysts, anti-mold agents, antibacterial agents and preservatives, etc. Widely used in industry, agriculture, medicine and daily chemicals and other fields. For example, organotin compounds can be used as catalysts or stabilizers in the production of vinyl nitrile, plastics, rubber, paints, coatings and printing inks to enhance the performance of these materials.

However, due to their toxicity and environmental hazards, they are used in The production of organotin compounds is also subject to certain restrictions and supervision, and requires strict control and management.