De Aiwei solvent-free wall paint makes home improvement pollution nowhere to hide

Latest News: When it comes to green breathing, many people’s first choice is to go to nature to breathe fresh air, to feel the fragrance of birds and flowers, to listen to the pleasant running water and cicadas singing, Close your eyes and feel the quiet time in the green. However, under the epidemic, we cannot start a trip as usual, so it is better to move nature into our home and breathe green at home. De Aiwei solvent-free wall paint makes home decoration pollution nowhere to hide, and creates a longing for a green home life.

As we all know, traditional coatings, especially solvent-based oil-based coatings, their dispersion medium is organic solvent, also known as VOC. The organic solvent volatilized from the coating film has certain toxicity. Long-term exposure to such an environment will not only cause harm to the human body, but also It will cause some pollution to the natural environment. In contrast, solvent-free wall paint is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also contains no volatile and flammable organic solvents. It is a high-quality paint with high environmental protection quality.

To identify whether a home improvement paint is a solvent-free paint, you can check whether this product has passed the mark of high environmental protection requirements for German water-based paints issued by the German RMI Institute: E.L.F. solvent-free certification. The environmental protection test requires that the maximum limit of VOC in coatings is 1g/L, which is far less than the national standard. De Aiwei Light Breathing bio-based wall paint has passed the E.L.F. solvent-free environmental protection test, which not only can achieve no VOC detection, but also does not contain solvents and other plasticizers, allowing consumers to truly stay in a healthy and environmentally friendly home.

In addition, DeAiwei Light Breathing bio-based wall paint has also passed the organic certification of the United States Department of Agriculture – USDA bio-based certification, containing 30% bio-based ingredients, replacing traditional plant-based resources with renewable plant resources such as corn Non-renewable petroleum resources in coatings
, in order to reduce the damage to the environment, truly achieve energy saving and emission reduction, so that home improvement pollution has nowhere to hide.