Longjiang Chemical’s annual output of 200,000 tons of pure benzene project started

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Project construction site

A few days ago, the new production investment group Longjiang chemical project with an annual output of 200,000 tons of pure benzene started construction as scheduled. This project is the source of the industrial chain of the Longjiang Chemical Polycarbonate Joint Project. The start of construction of the project marks the connection of the propylene-phenol/acetone-bisphenol A in the first phase of the Longjiang Chemical Polycarbonate Joint Project in the industrial chain.

This project adopts the first set of process technology routes in China. Using toluene as raw material, benzene and methane are generated by thermal hydrodemethylation, and pure benzene products are obtained after rectification and separation. The process route can make full use of the abundant toluene resources around Daqing, reduce the production cost of pure benzene, and has the characteristics of high benzene yield compared with other process routes. The device will be handed over by the end of July 2023.

In order to promote the construction of the 200,000-ton-per-year pure benzene project as scheduled, Longjiang Chemical strictly implemented the requirements for epidemic prevention, actively coordinated and dispatched key elements such as personnel, materials, and equipment, and promoted the simultaneous construction and rapid construction of the three sets of the first phase of the polycarbonate joint project. . After the device is put into operation, it will form the advantages of upstream and downstream integration, which will form a strong guarantee for improving the overall benefit of the project.