The second production line of CLP Rainbow (Shaoyang) cover glass rolls off the assembly line

On the morning of August 11, the second production line of the CLP Rainbow (Shaoyang) cover glass project was held. Vice Governor Chen Fei and Party Secretary Yan Huawei unveiled their products. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor Hua presided over the event.

China Power Rainbow (Shaoyang) Special Glass Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that can provide high-end lithium-aluminum-silicon secondary composite reinforced glass raw materials. Its two series of products, CG01 high-aluminum-silicon cover glass and CG21 lithium-aluminum-silicon cover glass independently developed and produced, have broken the monopoly of foreign high-end cover glass technology.

The CLP Rainbow (Shaoyang) cover glass project undertaken by the company has a total investment of 2 billion yuan, and four G7.5 cover glass production lines will be constructed in two phases. Construction of the first phase started in September 2017. The first production line was ignited in October 2018 and reached production in April 2019, with an annual output of 2 million square meters of cover glass; the second production line started construction in September 2019 and ignited in August 2020. After the two production lines are put into operation, the annual output of cover glass will be 4 million square meters and the annual output value will be 300 million yuan. The launch of the good product marks the completion of the first phase of the CLP Rainbow (Shaoyang) cover glass project.

Yan Hua pointed out that the launch of the second production line of the CLP Rainbow (Shaoyang) Covered Glass Project is a major event in the development of the company. Another achievement of the “Five Goods” park marks Shaoyang’s creation of an internationally advanced “China (Shaoyang) Special Glass Valley”, and injects strong new momentum into Shaoyang to seize the commanding heights of domestic special glass production. Hope that enterprises will take this as a new starting point and continue to uphold The enterprise spirit of “pioneering, innovative, pragmatic and efficient” continuously improves R&D and innovation capabilities, enhances core competitiveness, and forms brand advantages.

Yan Hua emphasized that we must unswervingly take the display functional materials industry as the top priority, accelerate the high-quality development of Shaoyang’s advanced manufacturing industry, provide all-round services, all-factor guarantees, and promote industrial clustering and high-endization as soon as possible Create a special glass valley in China (Shaoyang) across the industry chain. We must unswervingly place innovation at the core of overall development, guide and encourage enterprises to further increase scientific and technological innovation, so that the source of innovation and creation can fully flow in Shaoyang. It is necessary to create a business environment with the fewest approval items, the highest efficiency, the best investment environment, and the strongest sense of enterprise acquisition, so that enterprises can invest with confidence, start a business, and develop smoothly.