CNBM Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute won the “Fifth Anhui People’s Government Quality Award”

On August 10, the Anhui Provincial People’s Government issued Bulletin of the 5th Anhui Provincial People’s Government Quality Award. China National Building Materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute stood out from more than 70 participating units and became the only award-winning enterprise in the province’s silicon-based field. This is the higher honor that Bengbu College has won in terms of quality after receiving the fourth “Bengbu Municipal People’s Government Quality Award” in 2019.

As a well-known enterprise catching up with world quality standards, Bengbu College keeps in mind the important instructions of “three transformations” put forward by General Secretary Xi in terms of quality, and actively implements the “4335” guiding principle of China National Building Material Group, and strives to realize new glass materials” The “3+1” strategic layout, while adhering to the “four aspects”, strive to build a high-tech central application research institute. The enterprise effectively promotes the quality change, benefit change, and power change of innovation and development, and innovatively proposes the glass quality grid management method on the basis of excellent performance, and insists on “innovation makes the enterprise stand higher, and the quality makes the enterprise go further. “Quality policy” has achieved a leap-forward improvement in innovation quality, operational quality, and product quality, and has achieved the glorious legend of “China’s glass masters”.

As an advanced enterprise in the field of new glass materials, Bengbu Institute always insists on innovation to lead development, and actively creates the source of original innovation and original technology. Successfully developed the world’s thinnest 0.12 mm ultra-thin float touch glass, successfully realized the localization of the 8.5 generation liquid crystal glass substrate, and successfully broke through the 30 micron flexible foldable glass; independently developed the world’s highest photoelectric conversion rate copper indium gallium selenide power generation glass And the world’s largest single-cell area power generation glass, and apply it to the world’s largest single-scale integrated application demonstration project of thin-film photovoltaic buildings, Shanghai’s first and largest thin-film photovoltaic building integrated intelligent equipment R&D center, Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics facilities transformation and other scenarios ; Provide key technical support for the first 300 MW copper indium gallium selenide power generation glass industry 4.0 demonstration line in China, the first high strain point glass production line in China, and the first high borosilicate fireproof glass production line in China. The “Bengbu Glass Academy” brand has helped China Glass achieve the leap from following to leading.