Dioctyltin Dilaurate 3648-18-8

Product Name: Dioctyltin Dilaurate 3648-18-8

English name: Dioctyltin dilaurate (DOTDL)
CAS number: 3648-18-8
Molecular formula: C40H80O4Sn

White solid, light yellow transparent liquid when molten


Quality Index:
Tin content (%): ≥15
Specific gravity (G/SM3): 0.95-1.05

This product has very good lubricity, weather resistance, transparency, no vulcanization pollution, no exudation. Its lubricity is the best in organotin, its thermal stability is relatively low in organotin, and it has a preliminary color. It is used in combination with smooth organotin and cadmium cadmium soap stabilizers.
This product is mainly used for the processing of PVC soft film and hose used in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Also used as a lubricant for rigid transparent food packaging materials. Also used as a medical silicone rubber catalyst, paint drier

Net weight 200 kg per barrel

Health protection:
Store in a cool and dry warehouse, and close the lid in time to reduce contact with air. The storage period is 18 months.
This product should prevent the entrance into the eyes, splash and skin should be washed with soap in time, the workplace should have good ventilation