Dibutyltin dilaurate 77-58-7

Product Name: Dibutyltin dilaurate 77-58-7

English name: Dibutyltin dilaurate (DBTDL)
CAS number: 77-58-7
Molecular formula: C32H64O4Sn

Light yellow or colorless liquid, low temperature into white crystal


Quality Index:
Main content (%): ≥ 98
Tin content (%): 17.5-19
Refractive index: 1.465-1.478
Chromaticity (PT-CO): ≤150#
Specific gravity (G/SM3): 1.04-1.05

1) Stabilizers and lubricants for PVC products. Soft transparent products or semi-soft products, combined with metal soaps such as barium stearate and cadmium stearate or epoxy compounds, have good lubricity, transparency, weather resistance, compatibility with plasticizers, Spraying, no sulphide contamination, no adverse effects on heat sealability and printability. Such as: soft film, film, plastic shoes, hoses and PVC conveyor belts. It can be used together with organotin maleate or thiol organotin in a hard product to improve the fluidity of the resin material.
2) Used as a catalyst and foaming activator in polyurethane foam and silicone rubber synthetic materials.
3) Used as a synthetic catalyst in various adhesives.

Net weight 200 kg per barrel

Health protection:
Store in a cool and dry warehouse, and close the lid in time to reduce contact with air. The storage period is 18 months.
This product should prevent the entrance to the eyes, splash and skin should be washed with soap in time, the workplace should have good ventilation.