4-Acetylmorpholine is an organic compound with a molecular formula of C6H11NO2.

Chinese name: 4-Acetylmorpholine

English name: 4-Acetylmorpholine

Chemical formula: C6H11NO2

Molecular weight: 129

CAS registration number: 1696-20-4

EINECS registration number: 216-913-4

Chinese name 4-Acetylmorpholine
Chinese alias: N-acetylmorpholine; 4-acetylmorpholine
English name 4-Acetylmorpholine
Chemical formula C6H11NO2
Molecular weight 129
CAS login number 1696-20-4
EINECS login number 216-913-4
MDL number: MFCD00006171
RTECS number: QD7000000

Basic information:

N-acetylmorpholine CAS 1696-20-4

Chinese name: N-acetylmorpholine
English name: 4-Acetylmorpholine

Molecular formula: C6H11NO2

Molecular weight: 129.16

CAS: 1696-20-4

Product specifications:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid, no visible impurities

Content%: ≥99.0%

Moisture%: ≤0.2%

N-acetyl?  Morpholine acetylmorpholine CAS 1696-20-4

N-acetylmorpholine acetylmorpholine CAS 1696-20-4

Security information:

Customs code: 2934999090

WGK Germany: 1

Hazard category code: R36

Safety instructions: S26-S36-S39

RTECS number: QD7000000

Dangerous goods mark: Xi


This product is a colorless transparent liquid, non-toxic and non-corrosive. The melting point is 10°C, the boiling point is 246°C (0.101MPa), the specific gravity (20°C) is 1.116, and the refractive index = 1.4380. It is miscible with water and lower alcohols and easily soluble in general organic solvents. N-acetylmorpholine is chemically stable under normal conditions, and its thermal decomposition temperature is greater than 230°C. Under the action of heat and strong acid, an acidolysis reaction can occur to produce morpholinate and acetic acid.


N-acetylmorpholine is a very important pesticide intermediate and one of the main raw materials for the synthesis of agricultural fungicides dimethomorph and flumorph. The mixture of N-acetylmorpholine and N-formylmorpholine is an excellent natural gas and syngas acid gas remover, which is used in the new Morphysorb process developed abroad in recent years. The extraction of low-quality natural gas or synthesis gas requires the removal of trace components such as CO2 and H2S. The use of physical solvents for gases with high CO2 and H2S content is particularly advantageous.

[Packing]: 200KG plastic drum.

[Storage]: Store in a cool, ventilated place, away from fire and heat. Keep the container tightly closed. It is forbidden to use mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to sparks. When handling, please load and unload with care to prevent damage to packaging and containers.

Storage and transportation:

Should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse


200KG/bucket Storage: It is recommended to store in a dry and cool area with proper ventilation. After the original packaging, please fasten the packaging cover as soon as possible to prevent the product performance from being mixed with other substances such as waterproof grade. Store in a cool, dry place, keep the container tightly closed, and avoid contact with oxides. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. After work, take a shower and change clothes. Store contaminated clothes separately and use them after washing. Maintain good hygiene habits.