Organic zinc

organic zinc

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Organic zinc

organic zinc


1, ZN content: 19%.

2. Compared with bismuth and zinc catalysts, the reaction speed is slow.

3. Very effective cross-linking catalyst, the finished product surface is not sticky.


Use bismuth-zinc composite catalyst instead of mercury catalyst, add zinc to strengthen the curing, in order to achieve the requirements of adjusting the gel state or replacing the mercury catalyst by some customers , We have developed a bimetallic bismuth-zinc composite catalyst. In this kind of catalyst, bismuth provides the gel speed required for curing and produces polyurethane at a high selectivity and high rate. Zinc acts as a slower gel and a better crosslinking catalyst, which can reduce the acidity of the system and accelerate the reaction to promote crosslinking. United.

Users can adjust the gel properties by changing the concentration of these two metals in the system. For example, by adding organic zinc to increase the zinc in the system, the operation time in the kettle during the induction period is prolonged, and the post-curing is promoted. Due to the different reaction systems of users, the best bismuth and zinc are also different. Keep the amount of bismuth constant, experiment by adding different amounts of zinc, control the ratio of bismuth to zinc between 1:1-1:10, and find out the most suitable bismuth to zinc ratio for your system.


25KG/barrel, 50KG/barrel 200KG/barrel Storage: It is recommended to store in a dry and cool area with proper ventilation. After the original packaging, please fasten the packaging cover as soon as possible to prevent the product performance from being mixed with other substances such as waterproof grade. Store in a cool, dry place, keep the container tightly closed, and avoid contact with oxides. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. After work, take a shower and change clothes. Store contaminated clothes separately and use them after washing. Maintain good hygiene habits.