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Dibutyltin diisooctoate

Dibutyltin diisooctoate, dibutyltin isooctanoate butyl tin isooctanoate


Product name:Dibutyltin diisooctoate

Chinese name: dibutyltin diisooctoate

Chinese synonyms: dibutyltin diisooctoate, dibutyltin isooctanoate butyl tin isooctanoate


Catalyst for synthetic materials

Storage and transportation:

Normal temperature, dark, ventilated and dry place, sealed and storeda

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. The storage place must be locked, and the key must be handed over to the technical experts and their assistants for safekeeping. The storage place must be far away from oxidants and water sources.

General-purpose plastic and plastic-sprayed iron drums or glass containers are packaged and transported in accordance with general chemical management regulations.


Packaging: It is suitable to be stored in glass containers, plastic containers, and metal utensils resistant to corrosion by chlorine, and kept tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dry place, keep the container tightly closed, and avoid contact with oxides. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. After work, take a shower and change clothes. Store contaminated clothes separately and use them after washing. Maintain good hygiene habits.