SunSirs: China EVA Market was Strong in Early October

  EVA experienced a sharp rise in September and ushered in the post rise consolidation stage in October. Although the price has not changed significantly, the overall trend is relatively strong. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex-factory price of domestic EVA was 27,533.33 RMB/ ton on October 1 and 27,533.33 RMB/ ton on October 14. The range remained unchanged for the time being, up 38.82% compared with September 1.

  In September, domestic EVA prices rose rapidly, with a large range. In October, there was no significant change in EVA price, and the price was strong. Due to the relatively high price of EVA in the early stage, the follow-up of downstream demand is limited, and the continuous rise of EVA is insufficient, but the continuous high cost level has brought some support to the market. In addition, the strong demand situation of photovoltaic materials has not changed significantly, and the market is still good. At present, due to the influence of relevant policies, the overall operating rate of downstream manufacturers is declining, and multidimensional steel holding mainly needs replenishment. The market is empty and intertwined, and the EVA market is consolidated at a high level.

  In the upstream ethylene market, the external ethylene market has shown an overall upward trend recently. Asian ethylene market prices continued to rise. As of October 13, CFR Northeast Asia closed at $1,156-1,166/ ton and CFR Southeast Asia closed at $1,071-1,081/ ton. European ethylene market prices rose slightly. As of October 13, FD northwest Europe closed at $1,219-1,228/ ton and CIF northwest Europe closed at $1,134-1,142 / ton. The price of ethylene in the United States rose. As of October 13, the price was 718-736 RMB/ ton. Recently, the overall demand of the external ethylene market is OK, showing an upward trend, with little increase. In most cases, it is explored slightly.

  Under the relevant policies, the operating rate of downstream factories has declined and the terminal demand has fallen, which has brought some restraint to the market. Although the continuous rising power of EVA market is insufficient, the strong situation of photovoltaic material demand has not changed, and the favorable support of the market is still in place. It is expected that the price of EVA market in China will be adjusted at a high level in the later stage.