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High temperature and fire-resistant fan soft connection

  Post Date: Oct 20,2021
  Expiry Date: Apr 18,2022
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Product Description
High temperature and fire-resistant fan soft connection is used for fire-fighting and smoke exhaust, and fan soft connection is made of high temperature resistant silica gel or fluorine glue material, which is environment-friendly and no toxic. It is specially used for the soft connection between the inlet and outlet of the smoke exhaust fan and the smoke exhaust pipe. In case of fire, the fire-proof soft connection is incombustible. It can prevent the fire from destroying the soft connection, ensure the operation of the smoke exhaust duct, and achieve the purpose of smoke exhaust. The application of this product greatly reduces the personal injury caused by fire. It is an indispensable part of the fire exhaust system of buildings, civil air defense engineering, subway engineering, public places and ships part. High temperature soft fan connection has the advantages of anti-corrosion, shock absorption and incombustibility.