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Crosslinking agent EH

  Post Date: Oct 19,2021
  Expiry Date: Apr 17,2022
  Detailed Description:

Specs:Appearance:Light Brown thick liquid;Solid:35-40%;P

Main Ingredients : low molecular weight condensate of Polyol and polyamine
an organic compound with multiple functional groups, can make cross chain reaction with chemical products and fabrics, used as Crosslinking agent of printing of coating
Recommended Dosage
(direct printing of coating) adhesive BH or 707:100 ~ 400g emulsion slurry A Xg: urea: 100 ~ 200g 0~200g Crosslinking agent EH:20~50g .
Packing and Storage
50kg or 100kg plastic drum, Stored at room temperature in dark place, Storage period is one year.