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Sodium dodecyl sulfate

  Post Date: Oct 19,2021
  Expiry Date: Apr 17,2022
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :151-21-3;12765-21-8;12738-53-3;1334-67-4

Specs:Appearance:White or light yellow granular ;solid;A

Chemical composition: Sodium fatty alcohol sulfate
ROSO3Na R: C12-14
  White or light yellow granular solid. Can be used in carpet cleaners, dishwashing detergents and detergent for hard surface. Widely used in shampoo, bubble bath agent, wash hands etc; also be used as foam agent of toothpaste, cream, powdery shampoo products. Also used as Emulsifier, foam agent of extinguishing agent, textile Chemical and electroplating additive
Packing and Storage
  20kg compound bag lined paper bag. Should be stored in a cool & dry place, avoid sun and rain.
  Shelf period for powdery product is 2 years,

  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;Sodium lauryl sulfate;p and g emulsifier 104; akyposal sds; aquarex me; aquarex methyl; avirol 101; avirol 118; berol 452; carsonol sls; carsonol sls paste b; carsonol sls special; conco sulfate wa; conco sulfate wa-1200; conco sulfate wa-1245; conco sulfate wag; conco sulfate wan; conco sulfate was; conco sulfate wn; cycloryl 21; cycloryl 31; cycloryl 580; cycloryl 585n; dehag sulfate gl emulsion; detergent 66; Dreft; dupanal; duponal waqe; duponol; duponol c; duponol me; duponol methyl; duponol qx; duponol wa; duponol waq; duponol waqa; duponol waqm; emal 10; Emal o; emersal 6400; empicol lpz; empicol ls 30; empicol lx 28; emulsifier no. 104; finasol osr (sub 2); gardinol; hexamol sls; Irium; lanette wax-s; maprofix 563; maprofix lk; maprofix neu; maprofix wac; maprofix wac-la; melanol cl; melanol cl 30; monogen y 100; montopol la paste; neutrazyme; nikkol sls; odoripon al 95; orvus wa paste; perlandrol l; product no. 161; product no. 75; quolac ex-ub; rewopol nls 30; richonol a; richonol af; richonol c; SDS; sinnopon ls 100; sinnopon ls 95; sintapon l; sipex op; sipex sb; sipex sd; sipex sp; sipex ub; sipon ls; sipon ls 100; sipon lsb; sipon pd; sipon wd; SLS; Sodium dodecanesulfate; dodecyl alcohol, hydrogen sulfate, sodium salt; Sodium Laurylsulfate; Lauryl Sodium Sulfate; Dodecyl sodium sulfate; sodium monolauryl sulfate; monododecyl sodium sulfate; n-dodecyl sulfate sodium; Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt; solsol needles; standapol 112; steinapol nls 90; stepanol me; sterling wa paste; sulfetal l 95; sulfopon wa 1; sulfotex wa; swascol 3l; syntapon; tarapon k 12; texapon DL; trepenol wa; tvm 474; ultra sulfate sl-1; WAQE; ;sulfuric acid, didodecyl ester, sodium salt (1:1);K12;Sodium Laurylsulfate;Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt;sulfuric acid, dodecyl ester, sodium salt;Sulfuric acid, dodecyl ester, sodium salt (1:1);Sulfuric acid, monododecyl ester, sodium salt;Natriumalkyl(C8-C20)-sulfate;
  Molecular Formula: C12H25NaSO4
  Molecular Weight: 288.3778
  Molecular Structure: 151-21-3;12765-21-8;12738-53-3;1334-67-4 Sodium dodecyl sulfate

  Hazard Symbols:  F:Flammable;
  Risk Codes: R11:;
  Safety Description: S26:;