SunSirs: Weak Terminal Demand, Weak Chinese Domestic DDGS Market

  After September, the domestic DDGS market continued to weaken and fell until October. After the National Day, the domestic DDGS market stabilized mainly and the market improved. As of October 13, the average market price of domestic DDGS was 2,483 yuan/ton, which was down 2.87% from the beginning of September.

  Benefits suppress domestic DDGS market decline

  Since September, the demand for terminal aquafeeds has been weak, and the price of substitute soybean meal has continued to fall. Alcohol plants are mainly for parking and maintenance, and the confidence in the price is weak, and the price has been falling all the way. Entering October, the domestic DDGS market trend has gradually stabilized. The mainstream price is 2400-2500 yuan/ton.

  Among them, the mainstream price of domestic DDGS in Henan is RMB 2550/ton, the mainstream price of DDGS in Shandong area is RMB 2500/ton, and the mainstream price in Jilin area is RMB 2400/ton. The market is relatively stable.

  Negative factors are still sluggish in the domestic DDGS market.