Maintenance-free bright tin electroplating and lead-tin alloy electroplating solution


(1) The brightness and solderability of the plating layer are equivalent to those of imported electroplating solution.

(2) Precipitation: After other electroplating solutions, a large amount of precipitation is produced; after this product is electroplated, the precipitation of the solution is very small.

(3) Maintenance of electroplating solution: This product does not have the influence of additives on the electroplating solution, so the process of maintaining the electroplating solution is eliminated; when the plating solution is reduced, only the opening (or matching) solution and appropriate amount are needed. Distilled water is fine.

(4) The life of the electroplating solution: Because the amount of additives used in this product is small, most of the chemical reaction does not occur during the electroplating process, and the stabilizer can form a stable chelating agent with Sn and Pb; so the electroplating process of this product The composition of the medium plating solution changes very little, so its service life is very long.

◇Purpose and usage: This product is mainly used for electroplating of electronic components.

◇Formula (g)

Maintenance-free bright tin electroplating and lead-tin alloy plating solution formula

◇The production method is to mix the components evenly.

◇Precautions: This product is bright tin plating or lead-tin alloy plating solution. When the plating solution is reduced, just add the tank solution. When the temperature is high or the plating time is long, add a proper amount of distilled water. Precipitation is generated, which can be maintenance-free.