How to consider the loss of plating solution in the design and use of plating racks?

In the electroplating process, the plating solution is not only an important production resource, but also an important source of pollution that causes environmental pollution. For this reason, the entire design and use of the electroplating hanger should pay great attention to the loss of plating solution, and the following aspects need to be paid attention to.

(1)Aspects to pay attention to in design

①The structure of the hanger should be simple and not complicated. And as far as possible to improve the surface finish of the component, it is helpful to reduce the adsorption amount of the surface solution.

②Structurally reduce the riveting process. To reduce the potential of solution in the gap.

③For welding connection, sparse spot welding should not be used to avoid latent solution in the gap between the two.

④Pay attention to the mounting angle of the workpiece to avoid the difficulty of retrieving the solution entering the blind hole due to the inappropriate angle.

(2)Aspects to pay attention to in use

①The angle of the concave surface of the workpiece is as large as possible under possible conditions. This is not only beneficial to the metal deposition in the pit, but also to the recovery of the plating solution in this part.

②When the plated part is out of the tank, shake on the liquid surface first to recover the free solution on the surface of the workpiece as much as possible.

③Before the parts with pits or blind holes enter the solution recovery process, the solution in these parts should be washed out, and then the solution can be recovered.

In order to reduce the loss of the solution taken from the recovery tank of the plating solution, the recovered solution should be returned to the plating tank at any time to reduce the concentration of the recovered solution, thereby reducing the loss of the plating solution, otherwise it will reduce the meaning of solution recovery.