Hydrated Lime

  Post Date: Oct 09,2021
  Expiry Date: Oct 09,2022
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :1305-62-0
Quantity: 1Metric Tons
Price:120 USD Metric Tons
Payment Method: TT,LC
Product Name: Calcium Hydroxide/Hydrated Lime
Other Name: Slaked Lime
CAS No:1305-62-0
EINECS No: 215-137-3
Molecular Formula: Ca(OH)2
Molecular Weight: 74.096
Hydrated Lime is a fine and smooth crystal white powder,a little alkaline taste,Absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air to forming calcium carbonate.Burning up to the highest temperatures 52 Celsius to dehydrate the water to forming calcium oxide. Relative density 2.24,Melting point 5800C (dehydrating water), Dissolve in acid,salt,glycerin.Difficult to dissolve in water:(0.6g/200ml,200C,strongly alkaline,pH value 12.4).Not dissolve in alcohol,the aqueous solution is alkaline.

Hydrated Lime is used in the carbon dioxide and other acidic gases,absorber agent, disinfectant gent,anti acid agent,buffering agent,neutralizing agent,hardening agent.
Hydrated Lime is used in pharmaceuticals, organic synthesis etc.
Hydrated Lime is used in waste water treatment,Power plant desulfurization,Putty powder,Chemical additive and other lines.

Standards and Test Methods in Reference:GB25572-2010
Test Item Test Result
Appearance White Powder
calcium hydroxide Content Ca(OH)2 % 90-93
Hydrochloric acid insoluble substance% 0.25
Sulfur compound (SO4) % 0.4
Iron (Fe) % 0.03
Alkali metal & Magnesium (MgO)% 0.9
Heavy metal (pb) % 0.04
Ammonia liquor % 0.3

4.Packing Details:
Hydrated Lime is packed in 25kg,50kg PP bags or 750kg jumbo bag,lined with plastic bag,18mts/20’FCl without Pallet.
Hydrated Lime should be stored in dry, cool and ventilate place,it will keep good for 1 year,high quality type will be preserved longer.

  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: ;Slaked lime;calcium dihydroxide;calcium hydrate;dihydroxycalcium;
  Molecular Formula: Ca(OH)2
  Molecular Weight: 74.0927
  Molecular Structure: 1305-62-0 Calcium hydroxide

  Hazard Symbols:  Xi:Irritant;
  Risk Codes: R41:;
  Safety Description: S26:;