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metal delay catalyst/strong gel catalyst

metal delay catalyst/strong gel catalyst


Name: Polyurethane Thermal Delay Catalyst

Alias:Thermosensitive metal catalyst, polyurethane metal catalyst, metal catalyst, thermosensitive metal catalyst, metal delay catalyst, strong gel catalyst, light foam catalyst, polyurethane thermosensitive delay catalyst

NT CATE-129 is a strong gel catalyst with strong selectivity to isocyanate-hydroxyl group, good delay effect in this series of catalysts, and excellent hydrolysis resistance, the catalytic activity is very low when the material temperature is lower than 40 ℃, the catalytic activity starts to appear when the material temperature reaches 40 ℃, and the catalytic activity increases rapidly when the material temperature reaches 50 ℃, and the catalytic activity is much higher than the marketed catalytic activity when the material temperature reaches 110 ℃. When the material temperature reaches 50℃, its catalytic activity increases rapidly, and the material temperature reaches 110℃, and its catalytic activity is stronger than that of common organotin and organobismuth in the market;

Thermal metal catalyst Polyurethane metal catalyst Metal catalyst Thermal metal catalyst Metal delayed catalyst Strong gel catalyst Light foam catalyst Polyurethane thermal delayed catalyst


NT CATE-129 can be widely used in the field of polyurethane CASE for the production of skate wheels, one and two-component sealants, coatings, adhesives, etc. It is used for aliphatic isocyanates and will not yellow the products.

Storage and transportation:

It should be sealed and stored in dry, cool and ventilated warehouse.


180KG/drum Storage: it is recommended to store in dry and cool area with proper ventilation. Please fasten the package cover as soon as possible after the original packaging to prevent moisture and other substances from mixing and affecting the performance of the product. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the workplace. After work, shower and change clothes. Store contaminated clothes separately and reuse them after washing. Maintain good hygiene practices.

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