Function of organotin heat stabilizer

Organotin heat stabilizer is a kind of heat stabilizer, which can replace the unstable Cl atom on the polymer, so that the PVC resin has long-term stability and initial color Retention 1. Organotin compounds are the most effective heat stabilizers for PVC, and their stabilizing effects include both preventive and remedial types. Organotin heat stabilizer is a stabilizer widely used in polymer materials, especially in the production of PVC materials. As a complex mixture, organotin heat stabilizer contains several different organotin compounds, which can improve the stability and processing performance of PVC materials, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Catalytic performance: The role of organotin heat stabilizers in the production and processing of PVC materials is to optimize chlorine The reaction process of chemical compounds and synthetic oils can promote the polymerization reaction of PVC, thereby improving the efficiency of the polymerization chemical reaction.

2. Oxidation resistance: organotin heat stabilizer in PVC material It has a certain anti-oxidation effect and prevents the decomposition and aging of PVC materials.

3. Heat stability performance: organotin heat stabilizers can improve PVC material Excellent thermal stability, inhibiting the action of oxygen and heat, increasing the temperature at which the material decomposes, and reducing the reaction between acidic substances and PVC materials, which is beneficial to reducing yellowing and volatilization of plasticizers.

4. Anti-ultraviolet performance: organotin heat stabilizers can be used on PVC materials Play a certain anti-ultraviolet effect, effectively prevent PVC from degrading and aging when exposed to sunlight, and prolong the service life of PVC materials.

In summary, organotin heat stabilizers have multiple functions, It can improve the stability, processing performance and service life of PVC materials.