Organotin drier

Organotin drier is a kind of organotin compound, which is mainly used as drier of polyurethane, polyester, acrylate and other resins, and can also be used in coatings, Ink and other fields. Commonly used organotin catalysts include dibutyltin dilaurate, dimethyltin dilaurate, etc. At present, organotin catalysts have been replaced by environment-friendly tin catalysts. Environment-friendly tin catalysts do not have nine types of organotin restricted by the European Union, and have a shorter service life. Compared with organotin, the post-curing effect is slightly worse. Organotin driers are a class of chemical substances used in coatings and paints. They have the triple function of catalyst, desiccant and bacteriostat, and can promote the drying, curing and anticorrosion of coatings and paints. Such driers include organic stannate, organic tin grease, organic tin oxide, organic tin pyruvate, etc., among which organic tin grease and organic stannate are the two most common types.

Organotin drier is widely used and widely used in paint And in the production process of coatings, the addition of organotin drier can increase the drying speed of coatings, shorten the off-line time and improve productivity. In addition, organotin driers can also improve the hardness, adhesion, wear resistance and weather resistance of coatings, and at the same time have antibacterial effects, prolonging the service life of coatings and paints.

However, due to the toxicity and environmental pollution of organotin drier Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding safety measures when using and handling. In addition, some countries and regions have certain restrictions on the content of organotin driers used in coatings and paints.