Organic tin liquid

Organotin liquid refers to metal organic compounds containing Sn-C bonds, which are widely used as polyvinyl chloride stabilizers, antifouling coatings, insecticides, and fungicides And stabilizers for synthetic polyurethane and silicone etc. Organotin solution refers to a solution containing an organotin compound, usually a solution in which an organotin reagent is dissolved in an organic solvent. Because organotin compounds have certain toxicity and environmental pollution, when using organotin liquid, it is necessary to strictly control the usage amount and working conditions to avoid harm to human body and environment.

There are many types of organotin liquids, commonly used organotin reagents include methyl Tributyltin, bis(tripropylsilyl)dimethyldiphenyltin, tetra(tert-butyl)tin, etc. They are widely used in organic synthesis, such as Sonogashira coupling reaction, Stille coupling reaction, Negishi coupling reaction and other reactions often need to use organotin liquid.

When using organic tin liquid, you need to pay attention to the following points:


1. Choose a suitable organic solvent: usually the organotin reagent is dissolved in organic Among the solvents, choosing a suitable organic solvent can ensure the reaction effect and the dispersibility of the organotin reagent.

2. Strictly abide by the operating procedures: organotin liquid is harmful to the human body and the environment Certain hazards, you need to abide by the operating procedures when using it, and do a good job in safety protection and waste disposal.

3. Control usage and working conditions: Excessive usage of organotin liquid Large or improper operating conditions will cause unnecessary waste and pollution, so it is necessary to accurately control the amount of use and operating conditions according to actual needs.

In short, the use of organotin liquid needs to pay attention to safety and environmental protection issues to protect the human body And environmental safety is the basic principle of using organotin liquid.