Plan to invest 600 million! Shandong Ruilun 100,000 tons of PBAT, PBS, PBT EIA approved

Latest News: On October 30th, Heze City Ecological Environment Bureau plans to make approval opinions on the environmental impact assessment of Shandong Ruilun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. .

Project name: 100,000 tons/year degradable plastic project; annual output of 12,000 tons catalyst project

Construction site: Dongming Engineering Plastics Industrial Park

Construction unit: Shandong Ruilun New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Environmental impact assessment agency: Shandong Qingke Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Project overview: The company plans to invest 674 million yuan to build 100,000 tons of degradable plastics (including PBS, PBT, PBAT) in the east of Jingwu Road and the south of Weiliu Road in Dongming Engineering Plastics Industrial Park, Heze City. Project and supporting facilities (1) Main production units (workshops): 2 catalyst production workshops, 1 PS co-production SAN, ASA, MS production unit, 1 degradable plastic production unit, 1 succinic anhydride butanediol unit production equipment, and reserve vacant land for the equipment area. (2) Storage and transportation facilities: One 2700m3 Class C warehouse is used for the storage of degradable plastic projects and PS project products and solid raw materials, one 950m3 finished product warehouse is used for catalyst product storage, and one 700m3 Class A warehouse is used for catalyst raw materials store. The 7000m3 liquid tank area is used for the storage of liquid raw materials and liquid products of various projects in the plant area. (3) Public and auxiliary facilities: 1 office building, 1 central control room, 2 substations, 1 air-compressed refrigeration station, 1 desalted water station, each project is equipped with a separate closed cooling tower, which requires heat transfer oil The heating projects are separately equipped with heat-conducting oil furnaces. (4) Safety and environmental protection facilities: 1 170m3 hazardous waste warehouse, 1 5400t/a hazardous waste incinerator, 1 960m3/d sewage treatment station, 1 4480m3 accident pool, 1 880m3 initial rainwater pool, 1 ground Torch and fire pump room

Project overview: It is planned to invest 315.34 million yuan to build a catalyst project with an annual output of 12,000 tons. A total of one copper-based catalyst production line, one aluminum oxide catalyst production line, and one molecular sieve catalyst production line have been constructed. Build a catalyst project with an annual output of 12,000 tons. The proposed project will produce an annual output of 5,000t/a copper-based catalyst, 2,000t/a aluminum oxide catalyst, and 5,000t/a molecular sieve catalyst.

Company introduction

Shandong Ruilun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Changzhou Ruihua Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. It was established on 2021-07-09, the legal representative is Xu Zhigang, the registered capital is 50 million yuan, and its business scope includes: general projects: New material technology promotion services; new material technology research and development; chemical product production (excluding licensed chemical products); chemical product sales (excluding licensed chemical products); special chemical product manufacturing (excluding hazardous chemicals); special chemical products Sales (excluding hazardous chemicals); sales of new catalytic materials and additives; manufacturing of synthetic materials (excluding hazardous chemicals); engineering and technical research and experimental development; sales of synthetic materials.