Fujian Baihong Chemical Layout Maleic Anhydride/BDO/PTMEG Industry Chain

Latest News: Recently, the environmental impact assessment of Fujian Baihong Chemical Co., Ltd. Baihong Chemical New Material Project conducted the first information disclosure.

Construction content: Newly built 300,000 tons/year of butane pretreatment, 150,000 tons/year of n-butane to maleic anhydride, 200,000 tons/year of CO2 recovery, 200,000 tons/year of ethylene carbonate, 120,000 tons/year of methyl carbonate Ethyl ester, 10,000 tons/year acetaldehyde recovery, 45,000 standard/hour natural gas partial oxidation, 350,000 tons/year acetic acid, 100,000 tons/year vinyl acetate, 150,000 tons/year EVA unit (kettle type), 20 10,000 tons/year EVA unit (tubular type), 250,000 tons/year butane pretreatment (including 100,000 tons/year isobutane n-form), 150,000 tons/year n-butane to maleic anhydride, 150,000 tons/year There are 18 sets of annual BDO, 100,000 tons/year succinic acid, 50,000 tons/year PBS unit, 46,000 tons/year polytetrahydrofuran unit, 100,000 tons/year propylene carbonate, etc. Drainage, thermal, auxiliary facilities, etc.