Momentive Group Completes Expansion of Polyurethane Additives Plant in Termoli

Latest News: Momentive Performance Materials (Momentive), a multinational company in the field of silicones and advanced materials
The Group has recently announced the completion of a further investment: the establishment of a new production plant in Termoli to coincide with the celebration of 40 years of activities in the region.

The plant will specialize in the production of Niax additives for soft and rigid polyurethane (PU) in the mattress and upholstery, automotive and energy insulation industries
Foam. The company strategy is based on a commitment to creating innovative solutions for a sustainable world, such as additives for insulating polyurethane foams for buildings and household appliances to improve energy efficiency; vacuum-compressible mattresses to optimize transport volumes , reducing pollution; low-emission catalysts for automotive mattresses and seats, helping to create safer and more environmentally friendly end products.

VP, President and General Manager, Momentive Performance Additives Division
“The factory meets the most stringent production process safety standards, and with the new factory, we strengthen our presence in the region and demonstrate Momentive’s commitment to not only create value for our customers, but most importantly for our employees, the environment,” said Nalian. created value with the local community,”

AboutMomentivePolyurethane Additives

Momentive Group offers the most trusted and diverse line of polyurethane additives in the industry. The company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of silicone stabilizers, amine-based catalysts, metal-based catalysts, and various foam performance modifiers.

For more than 50 years, Momentive’s Niax brand of polyurethane additives has been a dominant force in the development of a wide variety of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate products, including enabling flexible polyurethane foams to provide superior comfort in mattresses, furniture and car seating , and additives that help increase yields and reduce emissions. Niax additives can be used in insulating rigid foams for low-energy appliances, as well as in highly refractory PIRs for building insulation