The world’s first 10,000-ton coal-based degradable material project was completed and put into operation

Latest News: On September 19, the National Energy Group Yulin Chemical 50,000 tons/year polyglycolic acid (PGA) degradable material demonstration project opened up all production processes and was officially completed and put into production. This marks the industrialized production of the world’s first 10,000-ton coal-based degradable material demonstration project.

Polyglycolic acid degradable materials have many advantages such as full biodegradation, high biocompatibility, high mechanical properties and high barrier properties, and can be completely harmless degraded in soil, seawater and other environments. In the global environment of “plastic restriction” and “plastic ban” and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, polyglycolic acid degradable materials are ideal substitutes for disposable plastic products, and are widely used in disposable plastic bags, lunch boxes, straws, etc. In the field of food packaging, it can also be used for bridge plugs, fracturing balls and various temporary plugging materials required for oil and gas development, as well as medical surgical sutures and bone scaffold materials, providing a new path for my country to control white pollution and serve people’s livelihood needs.

The coal-based biodegradable materials produced in this project adopt the independent intellectual property rights technology of the National Energy Group, and all key equipments are localized. Compared with the production of traditional polyolefin plastics, the coal-based polyglycolic acid degradable material can reduce about 50% of raw material coal consumption per ton of product, about 65% of carbon dioxide emissions, and increase the industrial added value by 2-3 times. Strong market competitiveness and environmental protection benefits.

On the basis of the successful demonstration of the project, the National Energy Group will speed up the technical and economic demonstration, continue to carry out project scale-up and process optimization, further extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, and form a series of coal-based biodegradable materials with complete functions and varieties. Promote the innovation and development of strategic emerging industries of coal-based new materials, and open up a modern coal chemical industry innovation and development path with new technology, low energy consumption, good benefits and international competitiveness.