The list of major industrial projects in Zhejiang Province has recently been announced

Latest News: Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Provincial Department of Natural Resources issued the “List of Major Industrial Projects in Zhejiang Province in 2022”, with a total of 129 major industrial projects in the province. Among them, there are 107 implementation projects and 22 pre-selection projects, among which many petrochemical projects are listed.

It is understood that Weiku Optoelectronics in Pinghu City, Jiaxing City, 800,000 pieces/year flexible stepless dimming liquid crystal film construction new project, allnex 138,000 tons/year high-performance industrial resin project, Dushan New Materials 300,000 tons/year polypropylene and The 250,000 tons/year hydrogen peroxide (20,000 tons/year electronic grade hydrogen peroxide) project has been successfully included in the list of demonstration major industrial projects, and 40% of the land will be awarded.

In addition, Zhejiang Satellite Energy Co., Ltd. has 40,000 tons/year of hydrogen, 900,000 tons/year of propylene, 800,000 tons/year of polycarbon alcohol, 80,000 tons/year of neopentyl glycol chemical new materials and hydrogen energy utilization integration projects. Included in the pre-selection list of special major industrial projects.