Powerful alliance, Terry helps BYD increase production capacity

Latest News: As China’s largest new energy vehicle manufacturer, BYD sold 641,400 vehicles in the first half of the year, surpassing Tesla to become the global sales champion of new energy vehicles. In order to hit the annual sales target of 2 million units, BYD also needs to increase its production capacity and improve the delivery rate.

Recently, BYD and Tairui have carried out strategic cooperation and successively introduced nearly 700 complete series of Tairui NEO products. The clamping force covers 85-1920 tons. At present, it has gradually settled in Shenzhen, Shanwei, Xi’an, Hengyang, Changsha, Hefei, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou and other ten bases among BYD’s thirteen production bases, promoting the increase of BYD’s production capacity.

Terry injection molding machine in BYD production base

The design concept of new energy vehicles is more advanced, and the characteristics of light weight and energy saving make it have higher technical requirements for accessories. In addition to the integration of interior and exterior trims, there are new requirements for ambient lighting, soft and hard adhesive bonding, surface highlights, and structural reinforcements.

Automotive optical-grade plastic parts are thick-walled and transparent plastic parts with a long molding cycle. Defects such as sink marks, shrinkage cavities, depressions, bubbles and undershots are easily generated during the injection molding process of plastic parts. The average yield is about 70%. Second, optics are complex in shape. And because the special machine for optical parts must be dedicated to the special machine, the energy consumption value of single product production is high.

At present, Tairui has realized the research and development of the largest (2800 ton) multi-station injection molding machine that can replace imported domestically, and the diameter of the turntable is as high as 2800mm. Tairui’s large-scale multi-component injection molding equipment helps BYD to achieve domestic substitution of imports with excellent performance, and serves the production of multi-color products such as automotive vision systems, such as headlight masks, through-type taillights and various interior and exterior automotive trims.

Terry NEO·M multi-component series injection molding machine

BYD regards Tairui injection molding machine as a key procurement object, and applies it to the production of optical-grade plastic parts such as through-type light guide bars, headlight light guide bars, and thick-walled lenses.