Evonik opens new innovation center in Pennsylvania, USA

Latest: Evonik, one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, has opened a new innovation center at its Allentown, Pennsylvania site.

The center consists of several state-of-the-art testing and processing laboratories as well as a pilot plant. It also features a newly designed collaboration space to support a hybrid and creative work environment. The expansion will create 50 high-paying jobs for scientists, engineers and laboratory technicians in the Lehigh Valley area near Allentown.

The establishment of the innovation center is part of the German company’s broader research, development and innovation (RD&I) globalization strategy. Evonik CFO Ute
Speaking at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Allentown’s Innovation Center, Wolf said: “We are strengthening our regional R&D innovation centers in Asia and North America to benefit from innovative ideas outside of Europe and to be closer to our customers in these regions. The new center will bring Allentown The site becomes our premier research center, business center and innovation center in North America.”

By 2030, Evonik aims to invest more than $3 billion in next-generation solutions – products with outstanding sustainability benefits.
Evonik will invest an additional $700 million in next-generation technologies to optimize production processes and infrastructure and avoid CO2 emissions.

North America is an important growth market for Evonik. The region contributes about a quarter (23%) of Evonik’s annual sales in 2021, making it the second largest region after Europe (EMEA)
the second largest source of income. Evonik has acquired Allentown-based industrial gas producer Air since 2017
Evonik has invested billions of dollars in North America since its specialty additives business.

Evonik currently employs 300 people at the Allentown site, which is adjacent to Philadelphia, New York City, and is surrounded by many first-class research institutions.

Evonik’s new high-performance polymer laboratory in Allentown allows the processing and testing of plastics such as high-performance foams for 3D printing, medical implants and aircraft or automobiles.
Another laboratory is able to formulate and test additives for industrial coatings. Allentown’s state-of-the-art polyurethane spray foam testing and emissions chambers help Evonik customers meet environmental and emissions standards.

The Innovation Center also features flexible collaboration spaces to support and enhance hybrid work environments.
The uniquely designed space provides employees with an open area in the common office where they can work on-site. Employees can also use technology such as digital whiteboards or video conferencing tools.