Dow Wins Six 2022 “R&D 100” Awards

Latest News:Dow Wins Six 2022 “R&D Awards”
100” award and a special recognition. Coinciding with its 60th anniversary this year, the award is an important award from R&D magazine and the most prestigious award globally recognized in R&D, recognizing pioneers of innovation and their contributions to science technical contribution.

Dr. A. N. Shirley, Senior Vice President, Global R&D and Chief Technology Officer, Dow Corporation
Sreeram) said: “With its enterprising spirit, the Dow team continues to create new products that help solve and empower people’s daily life, from transportation infrastructure to hair care. We are honored to receive these recognitions. , which underscores our commitment to innovation: we not only deliver groundbreaking products, but also keep sustainability, people and the planet in mind.”

This year, Dow stood out with six awards in the Machinery/Materials category, up from a total of 12 nominations in previous shortlists. Since 2012, Dow has received R&D
100 list, and has won a total of 55 awards, ranking first among all award-winning companies.

In addition to the above awards, REVOLOOP™
Post-Consumer Recycled Materials Technology (PCR) has also earned Dow a special recognition in the field of corporate social responsibility for its recycling characteristics throughout the industry chain, which recognizes corporate organizations for actively taking on greater responsibility at the regional and global levels. Corporate Citizenship Responsibility.

2022 “R&D 100” award-winning products and innovative technologies include:

DOWSIL™ ICL-1000 Data Center Immersion Coolant: Reducing operating costs while enabling heat transfer, not only rewriting cooling The industry rules for cloud computing and data centers energize industry progress and drive the green revolution. Dow is safely building a new generation of materials that improve the efficiency and sustainability of cloud computing and data centers.

DURATRACK™ R-100 and AEH-100 Resins (for bicycle greenways): The Dow Company DURATRACK™
Two-component coating technology can be used for anti-slip color marking of pavement, which greatly improves the safety of cyclists. The colored anti-skid coating of the bicycle greenway will improve the recognition of motor vehicle drivers to cyclists, improve safety by clarifying the right of way, encourage motor vehicle drivers to be courteous to cyclists, and discourage motor vehicles. Park in the bike lane. The technology also offers advantages such as excellent adhesion, slip resistance, UV weatherability and quick drying, and increases production safety on the construction site thanks to a fast and efficient coating process. This pavement marking coating technology is expected to reduce the cost per kilometer of pavement anti-skid color markings by up to 80%, and is expected to lead to more colored anti-skid coatings for bicycle greenways.

ELVALOY™ RET MF 1177 PCR Asphalt Modifier: is Dow’s modified asphalt solution for building more durable, higher load roads. ELVALOY™
RET (Reactive Elastomer Terpolymer) is a free-flowing particulate material that dissolves in hot asphalt to form a permanently modified asphalt binder. RET-modified asphalt continues ease of use while improving long-term resilience and weatherability. Unlike elastomeric binders that are only mixed or suspended in bitumen, RET can react with bitumen during the flow mixing stage without separation.

Sustainably Finished Shrink Film with REVOLOOP™ and DOWLEX™ GM AX01: This product from Dow is derived from REVOLOOP™
Sustainable packaging technology can make shrink film effectively protect the goods, ensure the safety and cleanliness of the goods, and ensure the aesthetics of the goods on the shelf. Development of polyethylene resin as rheology modifier DOWLEX™ GM
AX01, designed to be side-fed, is blended at lower proportions with Dow’s specific LLDPE resin to increase its melt strength and produce stronger shear-thinning behavior.

Clear polymers are naturally derived hair care styling film formers:
Completely biodegradable. This corn-derived high-efficiency hair conditioner has a non-tacky feel, excellent curl and hair firmness retention properties, and can be used in combination with synthetic or natural rheology modifiers to achieve high formulation clarity.

MAINCOTE™ HG-300 Emulsion: It can be formulated into a high-performance one-component metal protective coating,
Offers excellent corrosion resistance, early water resistance and weather resistance, and can be formulated into primers (DTMs), primers and topcoats.