Liaoyang Petrochemical plans to build 50,000 tons of adiponitrile, 50,000 tons of hexamethylene diamine, etc.

Latest News: On September 1, the public participation in the environmental impact assessment of the 100,000-ton/year nylon 66 project of PetroChina Liaoyang Petrochemical Company was disclosed for the first time. It is reported that the project is located in Hongwei District, Liaoyang City. The construction content includes building 4 sets of production facilities, including 5
10,000 tons/year adiponitrile plant; 50,000 tons/year hexamethylene diamine plant; 120,000 tons/year salt-forming plant; 100,000 tons/year nylon 66 plant, while supporting the construction of tank farms and public auxiliary facilities.

Liaoyang City, relying on the advantages of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company’s chemical raw materials, extends the aromatic olefin industry chain and accelerates the transformation from “oil” to “chemical”. The 2.8 million tons/year DCC and downstream supporting industry projects of Liaoyang Petrochemical Company are reported to the superiors. The 100,000-ton/year nylon 66 project, the 100,000-ton/year carbon dioxide capture and the 200,000-ton/year dimethyl carbonate project will be settled in Liaoyang.

Liaoyang Petrochemical Technology Breakthrough! “Grey hydrogen” becomes “blue hydrogen”

“Aiming at reducing pollution and carbon, energy saving and consumption, we have carried out research on carbon dioxide capture and purification of hydrogen production tail gas, and the carbon dioxide phase change adsorption side-line test device was put into operation on August 10. The benchmark commissioning of traditional absorbents has been completed.” On August 24, Zhang Xiaolin, engineer of the Refining Research Office of Liaoyang Petrochemical Research Institute, said.

Liaoyang Petrochemical has solidly promoted the cleanliness of fossil energy and low-carbon production process, created energy efficiency benchmarks, and organized a special technical team to study the application of green and low-carbon technologies. By using a new type of phase change absorbent, carry out experimental research on the absorption and analysis of carbon dioxide in the tail gas of hydrogen production units, and efficiently absorb and purify low-concentration carbon dioxide. According to statistical analysis, under the maximum processing capacity of 15 standard cubic meters per hour, the project can absorb and capture more than 90% of the carbon dioxide in the tail gas of the hydrogen production unit, and realize the transformation of industrial hydrogen production from “grey hydrogen” to “blue hydrogen”. “Transformation and upgrading to achieve the multiple goals of reducing carbon emissions, saving production costs, and improving economic, environmental and social benefits.

In the next step, Liaoyang Petrochemical will effectively play the supporting role of scientific and technological innovation in green and low-carbon development, strengthen source emission reduction and process control, and carry out continuous 720-hour operation evaluation experiments of new absorbents as planned to further improve the carbon dioxide capture performance of the device. and recycling capacity.