“Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline stopped for 3 days due to equipment maintenance

Latest news: According to the TASS news agency, Gazprom (Gazprom) at 4:00 Moscow time on the 31st was due to carry out maintenance on the only operating turbine of the “Portovaya” compressor station. The gas supply through the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline has been suspended for 3 days.

According to the data provided by the Beixi Natural Gas Pipeline Company, the operator of Beixi-1, the gas transmission volume of the pipeline has dropped to zero. Gazprom said that the suspension of gas transmission will continue until 4:00 on September 3. After the maintenance work is completed, the gas transmission of the “Beixi-1” pipeline will be resumed, and the gas transmission volume will be 33 million cubic meters per day. .

In mid-June of this year, Gazprom reduced the supply of natural gas to Germany via the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline by nearly 60% on the grounds that Siemens did not return the turbines sent by Gazprom for repair in time, and the daily gas supply did not exceed 67 million cubic meters. Siemens said the turbines were sent to Canada for repairs but could not be returned due to Canada’s sanctions on Russia. On July 11, the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline suspended gas transmission, carried out annual routine maintenance, and resumed gas supply on the morning of the 21st. On July 27, another turbine at the “Portovaya” compressor station of the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline stopped running, and the daily gas supply of the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline dropped from 67 million cubic meters to 33 million cubic meters. cubic meter.

The “North Stream-1” natural gas pipeline was completed in 2011, starting from Vyborg, Russia in the east, and leading to Germany via the seabed of the Baltic Sea. “North Stream-1” is currently Russia’s main gas pipeline to Europe.