Arkema won the “Green Sustainable Development Contribution Award” at the 2022 International Green Zero Carbon Festival

Latest News: On August 30, the 2022 International Green Zero Carbon Festival kicked off in Beijing. Arkema, the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty materials, won the “Green Sustainable Development Contribution Award” in the comprehensive category for its continuous efforts and outstanding performance in the field of sustainable development.


Arkema won the “Green Sustainable Development Contribution Award” at the 2022 International Green Zero Carbon Festival

The 2022 International Green Zero Carbon Festival is a high-level business award in the field of green sustainable development. With the theme of “Salute to the Leaders of Green Development”, it aims to inspire and drive the extraordinary achievements and role models of sustainable pioneers in various fields in China. More companies work together to help achieve the dual-carbon goal and move towards carbon neutrality.

For a long time, Arkema has always adhered to the sustainable development strategy, actively participated in and promoted sustainable development initiatives, and has been recognized by the industry. In this regard, Ms. Zhang Xiaoyu, President of Arkema Greater China, said: “I am very pleased to receive the ‘Green Sustainable Development Contribution Award’, which is a recognition of our past unremitting efforts in the field of sustainable development. The Chinese market is very important for Arkema Group. It plays a pivotal role and provides us with broad growth opportunities. At present, driven by China’s dual carbon goals and the Group’s global emission reduction goals, Arkema will continue to fulfill our solemn commitments with practical actions, and serve China and the world. contribute to the sustainable development process.”

Strengthen climate commitments to help achieve carbon neutrality goals

As a responsible manufacturer, Arkema is taking action to address the major societal challenge of global warming. In July this year, Arkema led by example by unveiling a new climate plan: Scope 1, Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Scope 3 emissions by 2030 compared to 2019, based on the Science-Based Carbon Target (SBT) pathway 46% reduction. Group raises its own climate pledge from below 2°C
Adjusting to below 1.5°C also increases the Scope 3 emissions reduction requirements.

On this basis, Arkema China has also taken active measures to reduce carbon emissions through various measures such as technological innovation, process improvement, and green energy substitution. By 2021, Arkema’s global carbon emissions have been reduced by 34% compared to 2015 levels, including the contribution of Chinese factories.


Ms. Zeng Yuexiang, Director of Health, Safety, Environmental Quality and Operational Excellence, Arkema Greater China, accepted the award and delivered a speech on behalf of the company

Ms. Zeng Yuexiang, Director of Health, Safety, Environmental Quality and Operation Excellence at Arkema Greater China, said: “Sustainable development is an important part of Arkema’s corporate social responsibility. In China, we actively responded to the group’s call and adopted a series of resource management measures to Reduce the environmental footprint of business activities. For example, to further optimize energy management, through ‘Arkema
Energy’ project, which has carried out various energy-saving and emission-reduction projects for factories to improve energy efficiency. Since 2015, energy efficiency has increased by 15%, making an important contribution to carbon emission reduction. ”

In recent years, Arkema China has always been committed to achieving energy efficiency improvement and energy structure evolution in its own industrial activities, ensuring the sustainability of production methods, and contributing to “carbon neutrality”.

Take action to drive a circular economy

The circular economy is the focus of Arkema’s sustainable growth strategy. The Group will also take specific measures to promote the development of circular economy in three aspects, namely, selecting, using and promoting renewable and recyclable raw materials; optimizing the use of production resources, improving production efficiency, and simplifying production processes; and providing sustainable and innovative solutions.

Arkema is a global pioneer in the production of monomers and polymers from castor oil, and is committed to the innovation and development of high-performance bio-based polymer solutions that are recyclable and renewable. Among them, Rilsan® from renewable raw materials
, Pebax® represented by high-performance special polyamide brands have been widely used in additive manufacturing (3D printing), transportation, consumer electronics, footwear and other fields.

Zhang Xiaoyu introduced: “Bio-based raw materials, low-carbon applications, and the focus on sustainability, recycling and recycling of materials constitute the three pillars of Arkema’s bio-cycle concept. Arkema’s bio-cycle concept is ABC (Advanced
High performance, Bio-based, Circular
recycling), is the focus of Arkema’s innovation and growth policy in the field of performance polymers. Arkema’s castor oil-based product range now forms a unique, complete and circular bio-based supply chain. ”

In terms of bio-based substitution of raw materials, Arkema is a founding member of Pragati, the world’s first sustainable castor project, and has worked with other partners to train more than 5,800 farmers in India to help them grow castor more efficiently and ecologically .

To further reduce CO2 emissions, Arkema is also developing a collection and regeneration cycle for high-performance polymers through the Virtucycle® project to address resource scarcity and product obsolescence.

In the face of increasingly severe environmental and climate challenges, Arkema will continue to use its expertise in materials science to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility and help build a sustainable world.