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high temperature resistant pipeline non-metallic fabric expansion joint

  Post Date: Dec 16,2021
  Expiry Date: Jun 14,2022
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Quantity: 45Kilograms
Price:69 USD Kilograms
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Product Description
Nonmetal expansion joint, also known as nonmetal compensator, fabric compensator, is a kind of compensator. The middle section of the non-metallic Compensator is connected by a soft non-metallic skin, and the interior is filled with insulation cotton. The skin is made of coated rubber fiberglass fabric, which has excellent expansion function and lateral dislocation function. The insulation cotton insulates the high temperature of the medium in the pipeline from the skin, forming a temperature gradient from the inside to the outside, reducing the high temperature pressure on the skin. Due to the rapid progress of modern science and technology, the comprehensive properties of non-metallic materials, such as high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical stability, have far exceeded those of metal materials. Non metallic compensators have replaced metal expansion joints in many fields.